So I couldn’t fit this all into one facebook status so I decided to write a blog post which I have not gotten to in over a month (whoops!)

So my roommates and I went to Warner Brothers to see a taping of a new pilot called Ground Floor. I knew Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect-one of my favorite movies in a LONG time) and John C. McGinley (Scrubs-one of my newest favorite shows) were in it. I knew nothing else. We got there and were literally some of the last people to get into the show. We were on the far right side of about 200 people. In front of us was the set.  There were 6 different sets. Far left: balcony of John McGinley’s character, Mr. Mansfield who was the boss, then his office. Then the lobby of their workplace. Then the ground floor workroom, then an alley, then a bar/nightclub. The sitting room for the taping only extended to the ground floor workroom so to our left was about 50 people in chairs, probably agents, producers, etc.  The warm up guy was hilarious and interacted with the audience. They shot the first scene in the bar.

Here’s the best part

I happened to look over to my right and who do I see? ZACH FRICKEN BRAFF!! The star of Scrubs, the man who raised $2 million dollars on Kickstarter in 3 days. He was sitting in the same LA Dodgers hat I had on with his girlfriend. I was so excited. The warm up guy was talking to the audience and I realized this show was created by Bill Lawrence, who created Scrubs. He came to talk to us a few times so we could ask questions. He seemed like the nicest down to earth guy EVER. I was watching the show but I kept looking over to Zach to see what he was doing. I saw him talking to someone and I was like OMG! That’s the girl who played Jordan on Scrubs! She gave Zach a hug and I was like I’m in a Scrubs lovers-heaven! First Bill Lawrence, then John C. McGinley, then Zach Braff and finally (as I later found out her name and that she is married to Bill Lawrence) Christa Miller. That’s not all. Zach later was introduced and he answered a few questions. It was so cool.

Back to the show. Skylar Astin is the main star and is the star of Pitch Perfect. I found out that Alexis Knapp from the movie is also on this show. (In real life, she had a baby with Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillippe). She is freakishly skinny. I hope Pitch Perfect fans watch this show. It started off a but boring and raunchy but I think it got funnier as it went on and think it could become a hit with time. So then I was like wow, Pitch Perfect and Scrubs together-what else could make this night great?

Oh yeah, Anna Camp! Anna played the vomiter mean girl in Pitch Perfect and my roommate pointed her out in the front row, just 20 feet from us. She was there to watch Skylar (and probably Alexis) in the pilot (Since the MTV movie awards, I thought they were dating but she is married…) He came up and talked to her during breaks and resets. The announcer didn’t realize it was her until near the end. My roommates left early but I stayed and ended up getting moved to the front row-like 5 seats away from her! I could see the acting a lot better and Skylar had a kissing scene in front of me!

I was in Pop Culture Heaven and I still cannot believe it happened.

Thank you and good night!

Cougar Townzach-braff-2006-mtv-movie-awards-arrivals-zUoxgDcn_image.size.john-c-mcginley-glengarry-glenn-rossanna_camp54160_Knappmq1_123_31lo-1024x768cn_image.size.skylar-astin


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